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Delusional Rants of a Recovering Workaholic

27 May 1973
I'm a recovering Army Brat. I went to college to become a weatherman, but got turned onto radio. Being a DJ wasn't enough, within a month at the station, I knew I wanted to go into music programming. I worked my way into the Music Director position and knew THAT was my purpose in life. I interned in Nashville. Of course after interning in the Music City, I ended up being hired as a producer for a morning drive talk radio show. A couple of years later, I became Darrell Ankarlo's producer.

When I started working for Darrell, the things I did while on the air greatly expanded. I was dubbed "RoadKill" by the listeners of the show and played the role of "danger dog" during the morning show.

Incomplete List of RoadKill Stunts at WTN:
* drove a monster truck
* wore a tux and handed out free b'fast at numerous intersections around the city
* went to a nudist colony
* tried to convince people stopped at intersections to listen to our station
* boxed
* wrestled
* fished in the Delta area of the Opryland Hotel (my fishing line got wrapped around an aquatic plant, so first security came for me and then they had to have a maintenance guy wade into the water to unwind the line)
* made an attempt to collect enough ties to cross the Cumberland River in downtown (had to stop because some commuters thought I was a homeless guy about to hang himself from the bridge...oh, and three wrecks occurred around me from people rubbernecking)
* attempted to pick up prostitutes off of the streets of Nashville to talk to us on the air
* gave roses to Johnny and June Carter Cash at the airport (was giving roses to strangers and came upon the couple in the gift shop - yes, it's like that sometimes in Nashville)
* had a hot sauce eating contest against my counterpart at WSM-FM, Richard Bachschmidt
* posed in the window of a bridal shop in downtown M'boro in a wedding gown during the entire show
* gave out all beef hot dogs to passers by while wearing a cow costume and a sign ("AnKarlo says 'Eat Me'") on World Vegetarian Day
* learned what's behind those flaps at the baggage claim area at the airport (people with cuffs to arrest you)
* gave play-by-play of my host getting laser eye surgery
* accosted people in Kroger to get their opinions on Charmin
* led random groups of people in downtown in various songs ("I've Got You, Babe," musical parodies, country hits)
* trick-or-treated alongside a major thoroughfare in town
* got into a Music Row label's A&R office to pitch a song live on-air
* spread silly rumors amongst the tourists at Fan Fair each year
* Spent the show trying to find someone that wouldn't lie on the air (took the whole show - honestly!)

My college girlfriend, JD, followed me up to Nashville, where we gladly lived in sin. This situation segued to marriage after she came home from the bookstore w/ a wedding planning book.

Darrell and I went to KTRS in St. Louis for a year then to KLIF-AM 570 in Dallas/Ft.Worth. Making it to the #5 market in the U.S. was VERY nice. Having my first child, Calvin, was also VERY nice. However, after nearly two years of six-day weeks and 16-20 hour days in our post-9/11 world, I had to say goodbye to Darrell, Dallas, and newstalk radio to be a better husband and father.

I moved back to Huntsville, Alabama to be close to my family. I made a career change and worked with a small strategic communications and training company. The company's bread and butter was media training - preparing clients for interviews with TV/radio/print. We did a lot of work with NASA (Marshall, Goddard, Stennis, and HQ) - media training, meeting facilitation, message development, and speech writing. In the spring of 2007, I switched to working with the in-law's family business full-time. The business has a spam filtering service and, along with a couple of business partners, they developed a site for sports team email domains. I was hired to assist them in growing FanMail with the addition of web-based mail and other features. This is my first 9-5/office job in my life and it is taking some work for me to get used to it. The best work development of the past few years was my building a beer review website. I went from HATING beer to being quite a stout-head and convinced that I was a Belgian monk in a past life (love the beautiful things they learned to do with yeast).

My wife is a Bradley Method natural childbirth instructor and doula (birthing coach). Thanks to her (hey, all I did was wiggle a few of times), I have two boys and a girl: Calvin (12), Nigel (10), and Harper (7).